Click pens are usually ballpoint pens. They operate by clicking the top or moving the bolt type click to extract the ink chamber.



Fountain pens use either an ink cartridge or an ink pump to pump ink from an ink well.



Inlay Pens are also ballpoint. This is where you can select from available kits representing your choice. Be advised that not all inlays fit all pens. We can discuss this if you have a choice. Most of the inlays can also be applied to certain keychains.



Military Pens are available as inlays or as a clip. Be advised that the clips will not fit all pens.


Occupation/Profession Pens are available with an inlay or special pens for Fireman or Police professions.



Rollerball Pens refers to the tip, a slight difference from a ballpoint. Most of these pens are Postable Pens. This refers to the requiring to be posted to the body to give the pen enough weight to perform better. Some of either Fountain or Rollerball are Non-Postable, meaning the body is heavy enough without the cap.


Specialty Pens provide, in addition to their writing ability, something else. Such as holding mini-screwdrivers, essentials oils for aromatherapy, various pencils thicknesses, a lipstick-sized pen, and others. 



Sports Pens represent various sports, as either an inlay or a specialty pen.